"Territory of the Year 2014", Salento is still the winner

Italy Touristica asks opinions to 248 thousand Italians, 48 thousand of them answer

"Territory of the Year 2014", Salento is still the winner

Salento 1st, Chianti 2nd, Cinque Terre 3rd, Perugino 4th, Cadore 5th. Among the top ten, two territories for Puglia, Tuscany and Campania.

Also this year, for the 2014 edition of the BIT - International Tourism Exchange which starts tomorrow, Thursday, February13, and closes on Saturday 15, "Italian Touristica" made a popular poll to elect the "Territory of the Year 2014 " and for the second consecutive year, the favourite one was the Salento.

An e-mail which was sent out to 248.000 Italians, equally distributed among all the regions, asked people to indicate the Italian territory they most loved, and include a brief motivation for their choice. Within the set date, 48.000 replies were received, and the territory which received the greatest number of preferences (4.361) was Salento.

The motivations that led people to prefer Salento were: the sea, the cordiality, the cooking and the wine, the hospitality, the Baroque architecture, the olive oil, the music, the olive groves and the traditions.

The survey will be presented at the BIT, the International Tourism Fair, in Milan, and confirms the trend for the increasing appreciation of our territories.

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