"LapianTiamo" Racale the first Cannabis Social Club of Italy

Birth of the first center in Italy that promotes the therapeutic use of cannabis by leveraging the legalization dell'autocoltivazione

"LapianTiamo" Racale the first Cannabis Social Club of Italy

The law allows it, the drugs are available, but there is no doctor who, mainly for ideological issues, want to prescribe anything. So every day thousands of cancer patients and multiple sclerosis complain: "we are forced to turn to the black market to buy hemp also therapeutic". The use of the black market often becomes a necessary step, and alternatives such as cultivation, roads are barred by too much bureaucracy, the lack of knowledge, by the high cost. Following the ruling of the consultation that has rejected the Fini-Giovanardi law enacted in 2006, considering it unconstitutional, it rekindles the debate on the legalization of soft drugs. But the Italian legislation has long since accepted the results of scientific research overturning the concept of demonizing Fini-Giovanardi, who had treated soft drugs to hard drugs, denying the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

A Racale in Salento, the center founded by the "LapianTiamo", said precisely the objective of promoting the use of cannabis by leveraging the legalization dell'autocoltivazione. The project was promoted and produced by Andrea and Lucia Trisciuoglio Spirit, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, members of the floor - Tiamo and cannabis for therapeutic use, currently being treated with the Bedrocan, based medicinal hemp inflorescences, from which they drew clear benefits. The bill introduced on 6 June in Rome, together with the parliamentary radical Rita Bernardini, honorary president of the association, require a step change in the law, because it authorizes the supply of marijuana for those who qualify and need without die, but through the Cannabis Social Club Italy in fact does not prevent the use of cannabis for patients who need it, but it prohibits self-cultivation. Not to mention the red tape that make the purchase of medical cannabis complex and cumbersome, often prompting patients to turn to the black market.
That would not go to the dispensary and buy cannabis exhibiting a prescription, just like you can do even in some states of the U.S.

What is a Cannabis Social Club?
The concept of Cannabis Social Club was founded in 2005 and is sponsored by the non - governmental ENCODs. The Cannabis Social Club is an institution where it is grown cannabis legally be used only for therapeutic purposes. Among the purposes of a CSC is therefore to support the healthy use for psychoactive purposes but not curative, thus becoming a tool for health promotion. In the rest of Europe, from time cannabis is used as a pain medication for the terminally ill and there Cannabis Social Clubs in New Zealand, Spain, Belgium, France, Holland and Germany. The model of the Cannabis Social Club, as proposed during the last assembly Encod in Bermeo , from two assumptions: a set of rights to ensure that care is recognized even today, in fact, denied, and promote a relational control of those who consume restricting and limiting forms are harmful to health.

To promote and support the project that led to the creation of the Cannabis Social Club Racale it was the mayor of the municipality, Donato Metal. But they have also contributed to the birth of the club Mrs Rita Bernardini, who for months has cultivated cannabis plants in the house, showing the development thanks to Facebook, finally distributing them to patients with an act of civil disobedience in front of the Chamber of Deputies, Mina Welby representing the association was established in memory of Luke Coscioni, in addition to the support of prominent personalities such as South Sound System and Eugene Kelly. Non-profit organization adhere two hundred and fifty members and supporters usufruitori many members from all over Italy.

"Creating a CSC is an absolute novelty in the Italian sees yet criminalized the plant from which we get sick and enormous benefits that we take daily medication as delivered to us by the hospital pharmacy and imported from far away and " friend "Netherlands: the Bedrocan (inflorescences cannabis). 's why sufferers have decided to put mind, body and face: to claim their right to freedom of treatment, which in this case often allows a substantial detoxification of many drug therapies associated with the treatment of diseases such as ALS or SM, a right which, however, must be supported by all because it concerns the freedom of all. " The freedom first of all from the injury:  The substance has been criminalized, explains Lucia - and this frightens or intimidates the white coats, who in most cases do not want to have anything to do with us, or worse, mislead patients, stuffing them with other drugs by the huge side effects. For the moment, yes we have found the support of the Region of Puglia, Lecce ASL, University of Salento, but the limits continue to be still too many. And patients have urgency. "
A project throughout Puglia, although here since 2010 the soothing care for the sick or oncologists with multiple sclerosis is at the expense of public health service, which disburses from a few months now, 15 euro per gram instead of the previous 8 € despite the first medicine came from Holland and today is retrieved in our country, while elsewhere the patients are forced to pay out of pocket, coming to spend € 35 for each gram of cannabis therapeutics.

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