"Fullcomics in Salento"

Cultural bridge between Milan and Taviano joined by comics

"Fullcomics in Salento"

During the historic exhibition "Cartoomics" ( 14/16 March), at Milano Rho Fiera, the staff of "Fullcomics in Salento" will anticipate the first news of the cartoon Salento fair that will take place on 17 and 18 May in Taviano (LE).

Milan ( 13.03.14) - the staff of "Fullcomics in Salento", the cartoon festival which will take place at the Palace Marchesale in Taviano (LE) from 17 to 18 May 2014, will attend the historic exhibition "Cartoomics", taking place this weekend ( 14/16 March) at Milano Rho Fiera.

The cultural bridge between Milan and Taviano will then bring in the small town of Salento a festival that represents the comic and graphic arts market in game and film animation, which is very interesting but perhaps undervalued so far in Puglia, despite the presence of numerous national artists working in the field of comics. The opportunity is therefore important to let the public know a world full of creative talents and passionate readers.

The event will consists of an exhibition of comics and games with the presence of various publishers, an exhibition of original drawings, workshops and seminars for schools, music concerts and the cosplay contest.

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