Salento municipalities

In Salento there are many cities to visit and admire, starting from Lecce, also called the "Florence of the South" that can be considered the capital of the Baroque; Lecce’s Baroque is characterized by the “pietra leccese” (Lecce’s stone) a particular soft and compact calcareous stone, with a peculiar white/gold colour. This material made the Baroque decoration of this city an unique example of this art. Walking along the streets of the city center, you can admire beautiful examples of the manufacturing of this stone on the monumental churches, balconies and terraces. Along the Ionian coast you can appreciate the sea of Porto Cesareo, which is particularly famous for its 17 kilometers of golden beaches which are well-equipped letting tourists enjoy an enchanting sea. Gallipoli is the "Pearl of Salento", you can either visit the Old City, situated on a small rocky island and the New Town, extended on a narrow promontory which joins with the first, thanks to a long bridge. Santa Maria di Leuca, De Finibus Terrae, is a paradise on a promontory between two seas. The Greeks called it Leukos, meaning brilliant sun, while the Romans called it "the place at the end of the earth". Castro is full of caves like Grotta Zinzulusa and Grotta Romanelli. The rocky, and at times inaccessible, peaks are further emphasized by the blue, crystal clear sea. Otranto is another charming seaside town, this time on the peninsula's west coast. Its pedestrian streets and small alleys are lined with whitewashed buildings reminiscent of Greece.