Radio Museum in Tuglie

A journey through the history of radio, thanks to a rich collection of vintage pieces wich have great historical value.

Radio Museum in Tuglie

If you want to learn more about the history of the twentieth-century Italian culture and heritage, you have to visit the Radio Museum in Tuglie, a small town in the province of Lecce.

The Radio Museum in Tuglie is quite an exception in Southern Italy; the materials exhibited and preserved are of great value and provide a fascinating journey through the hectic world of the history of radio broadcasting. The Salvatore Giuseppe Micali collection is logical and continuous; almost without interruption it documents the evolution of the broadcasting and reception systems and takes us back on a historically and culturally reliable journey. From the Edison automatic telegraph transmitter (USA, 1893) to crystal receivers and to those of the period between 1920 and 1960-70, the articles collected in the Museum and systematically exhibited there tell a piece of the history of civilization and of the  technology  thanks to which we have now achieved today's speed and complexity in the field of communications. The Museum also has a bibliographical section (books and magazines) concerning the history and technology of radio communication. It is going to be expanded into a "specialized" section of the Library of the radio Museum. During his service, landing places of the world where his work took him, Micali recovered rare pieces, often of considerable historical value: for example, a telegraph transmitter Edison purchased in Canada in 1967 or the receivers or galena, however, specimens difficult to find unearthed in Toulon, France.

Initially, the museum was a temporary exhibition for the anniversary of the invention of the radio. In 1995, the Department of Culture in Tuglie, with the assistance of the Province of Lecce and with the advice of the Foundation "Guglielmo Marconi" created a highly successful exhibition of ancient radios. The exhibition had a great success and led to an agreement between the Municipality of Tuglie, the Province of Lecce and the Region Puglia so a building adjacent to an underground oil mill of the seventeenth century was renovated, once belonging to the family Marullo, now home to the Radio Museum, integrating the museum itself in the Provincial Museum System.

The museum opened on April 17, 2004

The Radio Museum of Tuglie makes educational tours also suitable for children.

We also organize guided tours of the museum collection, with the participation of Mr. Micali, illustrating the secrets of devices and advances in technology over two centuries.


Contact person: Angelo Palmisano

Head office: Via Vittorio Veneto 114, 73058 Tuglie

For more information: Tel 0833 / 597 747 Mob 347/1934103 Fax 0833 / 597124

Opening times:

During the winter : Thursday and Saturday 17:00-20:00

During the summer : Thursday and Saturday 18:00- 21:00

Public holidays and public holidays, guided tours for school groups available on reservation.

The museum is on Facebook Museo della Radio Tuglie 

Entrance: € 1.00

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