Salento "de finibus terrae"

Salento has more than 250 Km of coast: the Adriatic coast is characterized by long stretches of sand and cliffs, sometimes high cliffs dropping sheer down into the sea or small sandy bays enclosed by cliffs.

Olive trees

Salento is the south-eastern extremity of the Apulia region. It is a sub-peninsula of the main Italian Peninsula, sometimes described as the "heel" of the Italian "boot", also known as Ancient Terra D'Otranto inhabited in ancientry by the Messapi. Santa Maria di Leuca is the southernmost city, and in particular the tip "Ristola" dividing the Adriatic Sea from the Ionian Sea. Salento is a peaceful land full of history and traditions whose strong points are its natural and architectural beauties, hospitality, atmosphere, and of course the sea and its coast.

Taranta, tipical traditional dance in Salento

Along the coastline towards Otranto the coast is very jagged and it hides cozy little coves among the rocks, up to the beautiful large beaches in the area of Laghi Alimini, near Otranto. From Otranto to the very south of the region the conformation of the coast abruptly changes: rocky cliffs offer breathtaking views on the sea or on the coasts of the nearby famous seaside villages, like Santa Cesarea Terme, Castro and Santa Maria di Leuca. The other side of the region, the Ionic coast of Salento, is a flat coast with long and white sandy beaches, sometimes dotted with low rocks. The most beautiful sandy beaches of the area are those near Porto Cesareo, Otranto, Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca.

Vinegards in Salento

The Salento areas is growing very fast in the touristic business, attracting every year more and more visitors. The biggest and important town is Lecce with a very interesting architecture called “Barocco Leccese”, the number of towns (or villages), is huge in order of hundreds, in fact the province of Lecce is the most populated of Apulia. They are made of white houses and narrow streets and surrounded by olive groves and vineyards delimited by typical dry stone walls. Salento is a land full of history and traditions whose strong points are its natural and architectural beauties, hospitality, atmosphere.

Here there are the famous Salentini and those who did something good. However, all of them "core presciatu."

Lecce stone made the Baroque decoration of this city an unique example of this art and due to its characteristics as a "soft" rock, Lecce Stone has been widely used to build local structure.

In Salento gastronomic specialties are made with poor but rather tasty ingredients.

The most beautiful itinerary starts from Torre Dell’Orso to Punta Prosciutto along the coast.

The great Salentini sports champions and the most-watched sporting events. The Rally of Casarano has become a cult.

A little bit of history about Salento, its railways, historic buildings and archaeological remains scattered everywhere.

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