Register your facility

Enter your facility on it is fast and convenient! You can choose between the following options:

  • COMPLETE PACKAGE: includes call centers in different languages, the insertion on, linked sites and mailing of the newsletter. This option takes a commission of 15% ONLY on successful reservations.
  • DIRECT CONTACT: if you choose this option, in your insertions there will be displayed *ONLY* your address, then you will have a direct contact with the client at the cost of € 120,00 (VAT included) for 360 days.
  • EMPTY FULL: we will rent your facilities (apartments, villas and residences) to a third party.
  • For the Bed and Breakfast only direct contact is possible at the cost of € 50.00 (VAT included) for 360 days.

Direct contacts to your structure will be forwarded only to you and you look after them the whole management.

Contact us.