Seaside holiday and tour of Salento

From 5 September 2016 - 03:00

To 7 September 2016 - 01:00

Relaxing holiday at the sea and guided tour of Lecce - Otranto - Castro Marina - Santa Cesarea Terme - Santa Maria Di Leuca - Gallipoli

Starting from
160 €

Seaside holiday and tour of Salento

Seaside holiday and tour of Salento - 7 nights

Relaxing holiday at the sea and guided tour of Lecce - Otranto - Castro Marina - Santa Cesarea Terme - Santa Maria Di Leuca - Gallipoli

Offer also available in other periods - Please contact us to request a personalized offer

Accommodation at Malama Residence Torre Dell'Orso + 3 days guided tour

Lecce - Otranto - Castro Marina- Santa Cesarea Terme -Santa Maria Di Leuca - Gallipoli

Day 1: Arrival at Malama Residence

Day 2: Guided tour of Lecce

The tour starts from Porta Napoli (or Arch of Charles V), one of the three doors of the city, after that we arrive in via Palmieri where we see the Theatre Paisiello.

Afterwards we visit the Basilica of Santa Croce, the emblem of Lecce Baroque with the adjacent Palazzo Dei Celestini, then Piazza Sant'Oronzo where there is the Roman Amphitheatre, the 'Obelisk of St. Oronzo, the Seat of the Nobles, the Church of San Marco and the Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie and finally we visit the Church of St. Irene and Piazza Duomo.

Lunch at a typical restaurant

Afternoon: return to Torre Dell'Orso

Day 3: Visit of Otranto, Porto Badisco, Santa Cesarea Terme, Castro, Santa Maria Di Leuca

The ancient Hydruntum rises on the most easterly point of Italy, about 30 km from Lecce. It was firstly a colony of the Magna Graecia and then a Roman municipium. For a long time it was the political, cultural and trading centre of Salento, known as the “Terra D’Otranto”. Otranto, the meeting point of different cultures and the crossroads between the Mediterranean and the East, developed on a rocky spur right on the sea.

Porto Badisco: Deer’s cave, Devil’s cave.

A few miles south of Otranto there is Porto Badisco, the ancient port of Aeneas. Here were discovered a series of caves linked together, full of pictographs dating back to the Neolithic, depicting hunters and the hunted and geometric patterns.

In Porto Badisco we find the Cave of the Devils, famous for the rare forms of fauna that live there.

Santa Cesarea Terme: Gattula caves, Bagno Maria, Solfurea, Fetida.

The small town of Santa Cesarea Terme has an historical and natural heritage and a spa, destination for thousands of people every year.

The combination of these characteristics makes Santa Caesarea Terme a unique place where you can combine the benefits of its water to a holiday in one of the most famous seaside resorts of Salento.

Castro: Romanelli cave, Zinzulusa, l’Abisso.

Grotta Romanelli is the first cave in Italy to document the industry of the Late Palaeolithic Era; the study of this cave is still important today in the reconstruction of environmental, wildlife and human environments during the last phases of the Palaeolithic Era.

Zinzulusa caves: odd stone formations twist into a hanging ceiling, these mineral deposits gave the caves their name by resembling old rags or “zinzuli” in dialect language.
Formed over the ages by underground water flow through the soft limestone bedrock, the Zinzulusa cave system drained the ground water from Salento down to a much reduced area which then  formed what is now the Adriatic sea. Melting of the Ice packs lifted the sea levels, ensuring constant erosion by wave action.

Santa Maria di Leuca : Porcinara caves, the Devil, Tre Porte.

Evening: return to Torre Dell'Orso

Day 4 : Tour of Gallipoli

You will discover this fantastic town with unique views and its picturesque historic center with its narrow streets that suddenly appear on the ramparts and the sea. There are many monuments of historical and artistic interest such as the cathedral, the Greek-Roman fountain. "The pearl in the Ionian Sea". Gallipoli is a picture-pretty town covering a small island and linked to the mailand by a long XVII century bridge. The main attraction is the Castello Aragonese, but what really strikes you in Gallipoli are the colors, the smells and the buzz. It is the liveliest place in Salento. There's the noisy fish market, the courtyards strewn with traditional fishing nets and fishing gear, the colorful washing lines and friendly locals. Lunch at a typical restaurant

Afternoon: Shopping in Gallipoli

Evening: return to Torre Dell'Orso

 Price per person: EUR 160,00 (offer valid for groups of at least 4 people)

The price includes:

- Accommodation in Torre Dell'Orso

- Guided tour ( for groups of at least 5 persons)

On request:

- Transfer by car / mini bus

- Lunch / restaurant reservation

Accomodation at

The Residence is only 200 m from the sea of Torre Dell'Orso with air conditioning and parking

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