Holiday in Porto Cesareo and tour of Salento

From 29 August 2016 - 01:00

To 5 September 2016 - 23:00

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Holiday in Porto Cesareo and tour of Salento

01-08/05 - 7 nights

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Accommodation at Pino Residence Torre Lapillo + guided tour of three days

Lecce- Otranto- Castro Marina- Santa Cesarea Terme- Santa Maria Di Leuca- Gallipoli

Day 1: Arrival

Day 2: Guided tour of Lecce

Like ancient travelers and the kings we will enter in Lecce through the monumental door Porta Napoli, discovering a city that since the Renaissance, literally covered with art.

After visiting the Castle of Charles V situated in the historical center of the city, you can reach the eclectic Sant'Oronzo Square dominated by an imposing statue of the city protector, erected by Giuseppe Zimbalo in 1666 using pieces from the two famous columns standing as the edge of Via Appia. Then you can admire the roman amphitheater and "Il Sedile" a stately baroque-renaissance construction. Next stop reveals an amazing architectural work of genius: Basilica Santa Croce, a triumph of Lecce baroque. Preceding long away Vittorio Emanuele Avenue you can meet S. Irene Church and reach the charming Piazza Duomo.

Lunch in a typical restaurant of Salento
Afternoon: return to Torre Lapillo

Day 3: Visit of Otranto, Porto Badisco, Santa Cesarea Terme, Castro, Santa Maria Di Leuca

Otranto is certainly one of Puglia's most charming towns and is well worth a visit. The imposing castle, thick perimeter walls and robust towers (built after the town was liberated from the Turks in the late 15th century) dominate much of the town, giving way to a small port, a series of sea-front promenades with  excellent fish restaurants and the town's very own beautiful white sandy beach and turquoise waters...

The delightful Romanesque cathedral, dating back to 1088 and boasting extensive 12th century floor mosaics, is another highlight that should not be missed.

Porto Badisco: Deer caves, cave of the Devils.

Porto Badisco, few km from Otranto, is certainly a place of beauty, not really discovered by tourists, this bay is frequented mostly by locals. Its cove is a heaven for beach lovers. This place is also full of myth and history. According to Virgil, Porto Badisco is the place where Aeneas, first landed after fleeing Troy.  Also nearby, there are the Caves of the Deer dating back to 4,000 B.C. In the caves there are sketchings and drawings from the Neolithic Age and the first inhabitants of the area. Many of the sketches are of a deer; hence the name. On a clear day looking out across the Adriatic Sea, you can see the shores of Greece and Albania.

Santa Cesarea Terme: Caves Gattula, Bagno Maria, Solfurea, Fetida.

A relatively new town, its development on a rocky coastline, riddled with underground caves and fissured rock strata was encouraged by the presence of hot natural springs.

The most significant of these sulphurous caves are Feidida, Solfurea, Gattula and Solfatura whose endless waters at different temperature ranges have encouraged the towns development into a renowned Spa, and today, its range of thermal baths support an important health centre bringing tourists and visitors from all over Italy and further beyond.

Over the years magnificent Villas, Palazzos and extravagant summer residences extended the town, and elegant avenues connected them whilst the towns heart developed with fashionable hotels and accommodations for visitors from further afield.

Castro: Caves Romanelli, Zinzulusa, Abisso.

Castro is a lovely fishing town standing on a sheer promontory and overlooking the sea. It is divided into two parts, Castro Alta and Castro Marina. Castro Alta is the ancient core of the town where there are the 16th city walls and the castle. But what makes Castro an attractive town is Castro Marina: here the sea is clear and clean (so much to get the FEE Blue Flag in 2009), from its gentle slopes you can admire enchanting views of the Adriatic sea, the little harbourcan accommodate lots of boats and the coast here is littered with evocative grottoes whose most famous one is definitely “Grotta della Zinzulusa”, the most accessible cave known for its stalagmites and stalactites.

Santa Maria di Leuca: Caves Porcinara, del Diavolo, Tre Porte.

Evening: return to Torre Lapillo

Day 4: Visit of Gallipoli

Gallipoli is one of the most characteristic towns of Salento.
Among its attractions not to miss the Angevin Castle, the Hellenistic Fountain and the underground oil presses.

Guided tour of Gallipoli, (in Greek: Kallipolis, meaning "Beautiful City") located on the Ionian coast of Salento.

You will discover this wonderful city close to the seaside with unique views.

It is located by the Ionian Sea, on the west coast of the Salentina Peninsula. The town of Gallipoli is divided in two parts, the modern and the old city. The old town is located on a limestone island, linked to the mainland by a bridge built in the 16th century.

In past times the economy of Gallipoli was based on the international wine and oil commerce. Nowadays its most important activities are based on fishing and tourism.

Tourism is enjoyable throughout the year, due to the mild climate. Numerous are also the celebrations (civil and religious).

Gallipoli also boasts a very recently built harbor for private boats.

Lunch in a typical restaurant

Afternoon: Shopping in Gallipoli

Evening: return to Torre Lapillo

Price per person: € 210,00 (valid for groups of at least 4 people)
The price includes:
- Accommodation at Pino Residence Torre Lapillo
- Guided tour (for groups of people min.5)

On demand:
- Transfer car / mini bus
- Lunch / Restaurant Reservation


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