Holiday offers in Salento

There isn’t only one way of understanding a holiday. Especially in Salento, where each municipality, each coast, each strand has its own attractions and meets the needs of the tourists. It is, in fact, just the variety of dialects, the complexity of the traditions that make the Salento peninsula one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the country.

Spending a holiday in Salento is a good opportunity to taste authentic flavors and aromas of a genuine tradition which has its origins in ancient times. A cultural identity which is deeply rooted on the territory, which continues to pass down from generation to generation the love for the land and the passion for the typical local dishes. Find out in this section, the most important culinary events.

Did you know locals choose where to go to the sea according to the wind? Yes, because not all beaches are the same here. Salento is actually known as "la terra del sole, del mare e del vento" ("the land of sun, sea and wind"). It seems strange, but also the local tourist will learn this old trick to decide where to spend a happy day at the beach. You can choose between the Ionian coast, characterized by a harmonious alternation of cliffs and wide beaches, and the Adriatic coast, characterized by high cliffs, inlets and sea caves. relax is guaranteed.

If you love art and culture, Salento is your ideal destination. This land, in fact, stands out from the rest of the region for some distinctive features in terms of idioms, and inflections. The architectural heritage is huge; visiting it means immersing yourself in an outdoor museum made of palaces, churches and fortifications. In this category you will find tours and itineraries to discover the rare beauty of the land.

Besides the richness of the historical territory, the Salento region maintains long-standing traditions connected also with religious events. No matter when you come, or where you go, you will always find something going on.

This is the right holiday for nature lovers. Salento is known for the sea, but not only that. The pecularity of this place is due to the assorted beauty of the natural landscape, to the prodigious artistic and architectural heritage typical of the city and of small town centres, vineyards and olive groves, ancient dry stone buildings housing as "trulli" and "pagghiare" forests, are the predominant elements of rural landscapes of this area.

Being on holidays means resting and so wellbeing as well. All over Apulia there are lots of SPA and wellness resorts that can suit everyone´s needs. Every sort of accommodation facilities is now equipped with wellness centres where relaxing far away from city-stress and from the monotony of everyday life.

In Salento nature is as rich and varied as its culture. Here you can find many parks, protected areas, olive groves and vineyards, reserves and natural oases. Salento is perfect for a naturalistic holiday, it is a paradise for botanists as there are over 1400 different species of flora, which makes it one of the most important botanical regions in Europe.

Salento is a region rich in popular traditions - a mixture of ancient devotions but also pagan rituals such as the traditional dance called pizzica. Shows and events, both religious and secular, occur all year and involve all the villages in the area. The world of sagre fills of life the whole Salento, particularly on hot summer nights, and gives visitors the chance to enjoy the warm hospitality of the local people and to learn something about their popular traditions.

People love Salento for its great weather, beaches and party atmosphere. It is the ideal place for the tourist who wants to enjoy fantastic dinners, good music or simply to chill out and relax after a sunny day at the beach in front of a fantastic landscape.

If you look for a cheap holiday, without sacrificing quality, we offer the lowest prices. You can choose an accommodation in Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo, Torre Dell'Orso and in all the most beautiful places in the hinterland or close to the sea .Salento is one of the most loved and appreciated places by tourists thanks to its versatility, its ability to adapt to different types of holidays and of course the amazing beaches and the sea.

In Salento you find everything you need: good weather, beautiful landscape, good food and nice people. This category is dedicated to those who want to spend a day, a weekend or more days in a beautiful city out of Salento.