The Easter island at the Castle of Gallipoli

The Castle of Gallipoli hosts an exhibition dedicated to the rites of the Holy Week in the Ionian city

From 26 March 2015 - 17:00

To 10 May 2015 - 23:00

The Easter island at the Castle of Gallipoli

The Easter island at the Castle of Gallipoli

The Castle of Gallipoli hosts an exhibition dedicated to the rites of Holy Week in the Ionian city From Thursday, March 26 to Sunday, May 10 (inauguration 17.30 - € 5 entry - reduced 3 euro)
The ancient rooms of the castle will host "Gallipoli, the Easter island": an exhibition of religious vestments, with troccole, lanterns and various memorabilia from the precious collections of the various confraternities.
The exhibition will also feature a selection of photographs by Michele Esposito, taken during the last Holy Week processions, a video. The shows - that enhances the image of Gallipoli and its strong tradition for the rites of Holy Week - will open on the day before the Procession of which is held on Friday and that starts at noon from the church Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo e della Misericordia till the Cathedral.

At the end of the liturgical celebration the procession goes slowly across the new city and then returns in the historic center across the bridge that connects the island to the mainland.

The most touching moment of the long procession is definitely a blessing to the sea and to mariners from the bastion St. Joseph.
After the procession, during Holy Week the historic center of Gallipoli is hosting the visit to the Tombs (Thursday, April 2), the Procession of the Mysteries and the tomb of Christ on Friday (Friday, April 3), the Procession of Maria Desolata del Sabato Santo (the dawn of Saturday, April 4) and the burning of the Caremma on Easter Day (Sunday, April 5) .

The show is an idea of the Agency of Communication Orione in Maglie, which manages for about a year the Castle under the artistic direction of the architect Raffaela Zizzari, in synergy with the municipal administration and the valuable contribution of Mayor Francesco Errico, in collaboration with the Brotherhoods of Gallipoli and the Diocese of Nardo Gallipoli.

Time 10-13 / 15-19 daily open  

Entrance Full 5 € - Reduced 3 € (6-14 years, over 65 years, students, the disabled and their carers, groups of more than 20 units, residents).

Part of the ticket proceeds will be donated to the Confraternity

Guided tour group reservation (in Italian, English or French) –

only show: groups € 80.00 + entrance ticket;

schools € 60.00 entrance-ticket

shows+ castle: groups € 100.00 +entrance ticket;

schools € 80.00 + entrance ticket

Info and reservations - ​​

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