Manu Chao: on August 5th the great return to Parco Gondar in Gallipoli

The Franco-Spanish singer-songwriter returns this year to be one of the protagonists of the summer of Salento.

From 5 August 2014 - 20:00

To 5 August 2014 - 23:55

Manu Chao: on August 5th the great return to Parco Gondar in Gallipoli

For anyone who was not there on July 6 in the arena of the Parco Gondar in Gallipoli, but also for those who want to enjoy the encore, the Franco-Spanish singer-songwriter has decided to return to Salento with a great event.  

The French artist, after the wonderful experience of 2013, impressed by the love of his fans and welcoming attitude of Salento, chose to return to Gallipoli to the Parco Gondar for its unique summer date in Southern Italy, sure to find the same great enthusiasm and warmth that have welcomed him on July 6 last year, and to make a gift to the thousands of people who at that time were outside the gates.

Manu Chao will make an incredible show, accompanied once again by the collective of La Ventura, formed by Majid Fahem, Jean Michelle Gambeat, and Philippe Teboul, his show will have the resounding success of 2013.

For this reason, the tickets, which cost 15 €, may only be purchased in advance, on Booking and Show ticket One, from Saturday 19 of April.

Only on Easter Monday and only within the Parco Gondar tickets will be sold at 10 euro.

Manu Chao is an expression of explosive music, the Patchanka which he created, made him go around the world, a "non- genre" that brings together texts engaged in a mixture of colors, sounds, styles, languages ​, music and traditions.

His name is added to the list of already confirmed: Alborosie on April 21, The Chemical Brothers on August 15 and Caparezza on August 16.

Gates open at 20:00.

For info: 327 8215783 - -

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