Emma in "Limited Edition" also for her fans in Salento: July 22 in concert in Gallipoli

After the band Negroamaro Emma is back with her beautiful "Limited Edition" Tour

From 22 July 2014 - 21:30

To 22 July 2014 - 23:30

Emma in "Limited Edition" also for her fans in Salento: July 22 in concert in Gallipoli

July will be a month of great events in Salento: after the announcement of the concert of Negroamaro, which will be held on July 25- 26 in Lecce, also Emma will have a concert in Gallipoli.

At Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (live on 6 and 8 May on Rai4 and on 10 May on Rai 2). On May, 10 Emma will perform the song "La mia città" which expresses very well her links to the native land, in the special version of the album, Schiena vs. Schiena, which contains two discs: the first with the original tracklist enriched by "La mia città", the second one with the tracks on the album completely rearranged in semi-acoustic version.

After the foreign experience, in July, the artist will return to Italy and sing at the Arena di Verona, the Teatro Antico in Taormina (Messina) and the Arena Flegrea in Naples, and will be protagonist of the Lucca Summer Festival and the Hydrogen Festival in Padova - Piazzola Sul Brenta. She will return to sing in Puglia with a concert at the port of Gallipoli (Lecce).

These are the dates of  Emma LIMITED EDITION TOUR ( produced and organized by F & P Group):

July 7th Arena di Verona

July 11 Lucca Summer Festival

July 19 - Padova Piazzola sul Brenta Hydrogen Festival

July 22 Gallipoli (LE) Port Area

July 26th Taormina (ME) Teatro Antico

July 28 Naples Arena Flegrea

Tickets are on sale from Thursday, February 27, online at and the usual outlets.

Limited edition will be sold exclusively online at

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