Lecce capital of Good Food - Taste and health in the spring of Puglia

Rediscovery of ancient flavors, Med-Italian Diet quality Italian restaurants and street food, courses and experiences with young people

From 26 April 2014 - 09:00

To 4 May 2014 - 23:00

Lecce capital of Good Food - Taste and health in the spring of Puglia

In partnership with the Province of Lecce, the Municipality of Lecce, Lecce2019, Chamber of Commerce and Salento d'Amare, the young promoters of the movement Med- Italian Diet, announce the dates of the event "Capital of culture and Good Food - Festival of the Med- Italian Diet" which will take place from April 26 to May 4, 2014 in the central square piazza Sant’Oronzo. This third edition of the national event has three major innovations: it takes place exactly one year after the opening of Expo2015, it will be presented at the universal exhibition in Milan.

There will be a stand suitable to accommodate people with disabilities, it supports the candidacy of the city of Lecce, European Capital of Culture project 2019. Med- Italian Diet was created three years ago by some local students and was born with the aim of spreading, especially to children and young people, good and healthy principles of the Mediterranean diet, promoting awareness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

The project "Med- Italian Diet" is one of the most important Italian actions in support of a healthy nutrition. Among these, the close collaboration with expert biologists and nutritionists who offer their expertise to support the project. Among other collaborations: CIA, Coldiretti Copagri, Confindustria, research centers (Iam-Ciheam University), regional organizations (Gal, Gac, Distretto agroalimentare) and schools sector (agricultural colleges and hotel) the program of the festival includes several components: exposure of the best agricultural produce of the area with tasting and explanation of the techniques of cultivation and processing, presentation of new products, in-depth seminars on the subject of sustainable agriculture; encouraging tourism has not been neglected by the young organizers, it demonstrates both the choice of the period, at the turn of the "bridges" of spring, which obviously facilitates the movement of visitors and wine lovers of quality, that the renewed commitment to offer hospitality mode at low cost hotels and b & b in the city with the original formula 30-20-10. Salento, which for the second is entitled "Land of the Year 2014" , lowers the prices.

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