Events in Salento

In this section you will find all the events that take place in Salento. Every summer many musical events take place here; the most famous is the Notte della Taranta, which ends in Melpignano, with the big final concert, the now famous Locomotive Jazz Festival, which each year welcomes important jazz musicians coming from every part of the world and many festivals in every part of Salento.

Each year we receive various events such as exhibitions, art galleries and conferences promoting cultural initiatives addressed to those who love each kind of arts.

Every year in spring the European Film Festival takes place in Salento, which is the most appreciated location by directors for its wonderful light throughout the year.

Location praised by poets and writers, Salento in recent years is often chosen to welcome big literature events such as "Città del Libro" held in Campi Salentina.

Among the music events: the "Salento Summer Festival", the most important reggae festival in southern Italy; "Gusto Dopa", "Locomotive Jazz Festival" with the sounds of modern jazz and the fusion music and much more than the pizzica.

Generally, the Festival "La Notte della Taranta" takes place in the second half of August, has some travelling shows in the towns of Greek Salento. The closing of the Festival is the so called "Concertone Finale" held in Melpignano, a night performance which gives its name to the event.

Among the most important companies: the Theater Koreja, Somnia Theatri and the Theatre Company of Tuglie Calandra.

In this section you will find all other events that take place in Salento and are not listed in other categories starting from Sport and food and wine events. Among the important events the Mercatino del Gusto in Maglie with products of artisans, cheese makers, pasta makers.