Accomodations in Salento

In Salento you will find everything you need for a memorable holiday. We offer the best solutions so that you can choose the ideal holiday.

A few kilometers from the sea, holiday farmhouses in Salento are small-medium-sized facilities surrounded by greenery, where you can have an experience of absolute rest, smell the flavour of the countryside and taste the dishes of the place, coming directly from the surrounding vegetable gardens.

Salento is the perfect choice for your custom-made vacation, we offer a wide set of holiday houses and apartments in the hinterland or close to the coast, with all comforts. There are many available solutions selected for you by our staff in order to customize your stay.

One of the most characteristic accommodations is the Bed and Breakfast in Salento which includes the stay and the breakfast. Here you will find hospitality, conviviality and authenticity of the food.

For those who love nature or just need to relax, the most suitable accommodation is definitely the country house in Salento. Stretches of fields, gardens and forests offer unique visual and olfactory experiences, pure air in the morning and beautiful sunsets in the evening. What do you think, is it the right solution for you?

For those who love a holiday with all comforts and need complete relax, the most appropriate solution is definitely the Hotel. We offer accommodations with every comfort, with friendly and qualified staff, with high quality standards, located in suburbs or near the sea, Resorts or old buildings, restored and full of art.

If you want to experience the typical Mediterranean holiday you have to choose a farm in Salento. In ancient times (1500-1600) a farm included the lodgings of the landowner and the peasants who worked for him. Now restored, the holiday farm is the ideal accommodation for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday in contact with nature.

We offer one room and two room apartments selected by our staff, a few steps from the beach, in the countryside or in towns with all comforts and habits that you have at home.

Trulli are typical rural buildings called "pajare" or "furnieddrhi" made by our ancestors with the technique of dry stone wall. Today many of these have been restored and incorporated in holiday farmhouses preserving its construction but providing it with all the comforts. Spend the holiday in a Trullo means to be in contact with the land and the wild nature.

Villages and Residence are an ideal solution for those who want to spend a holiday in this charming region. All facilities are just a few meters from the sea and the beaches of Salento.

If you travel with your family or with a group the ideal solution is a villa. Used as tourist facilities, villas in Salento are big and have a garden and other comforts like swimming pool, air conditioning and parking.